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Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne to Open a Doggie Daycare on Their UK Estate

by Melanie

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5.15.17 Osbournes to Open Dog Center1


If you’re at all familiar with the Osbournes’ lifestyle, you know that they always have a pack of pint-sized pups in tow.  So it comes as no surprise that they plan to open a dog-sitting facility at their Buckinghamshire home.

Ozzy and Sharon adopted four Pomeranians last year, and they currently have six dogs – Alfie, Bella, Charlie, Flick, Moe, and Rocky – whom they spend about $200,000 per year flying first class.  (With all the animal deaths in the cargo hold, who can blame them?)  Though they would still have their dogs accompany them on trips out of the county, the family would likely be using the services themselves.

Certified trainer Francesca Maddock of Positive Dogs has applied to local council for a permit to use four acres of the Osbournes’ horse pasture for the facility, which would be open for up to 30 dogs.


5.15.17 Osbournes to Open Dog Center2


“The logic behind the new business is to create a central facility where dogs will be collected in the morning, spend the day in the countryside, in the safe and secure environment of the field, and then be dropped home at the end of the day,” her planning agent told The Sun.

“This will reduce the amount of travel required throughout the day along with the risks associated with walking groups of dogs on local footpaths.

“Dogs are currently walked in open spaces, parks and footpaths, normally in groups. This can be intimidating to other dog owners, cyclists, runners, young mothers with prams and children.

“The owner of the property gives full support to the application and would use the proposed day care.”


5.15.17 Osbournes to Open Dog Center4