People Using Fake Service Dog Tags

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Photo Credit. NY Post

Service dogs are amazing animals that help make people’s lives better. We often hear stories of service dogs being denied entry into businesses because people are misinformed on their rights. Unfortunately some people are making things even more difficult for service dogs. The New York Post reported that many New Yorkers have been using fake “service dog” tags on their pets so they can take them wherever they want.

Dog owners in New York have been purchasing fake tags, vests, patches and certificates on the internet. These New Yorkers put these tags on their dogs so they can take them into restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, clubs and other business.

“I was sick of tying my dog outside,” said 33-year-old Brett Davis, who has fake patch on his teacup Yorkie Napoleon. “Sometimes they’ll give me a hassle and say bring the papers next time, but for five bucks, you order [a patch] off eBay, and it works 90 percent of the time.”

To obtain a legal service-dog one must go through the Health Department. Unfortunately once the tags are administered there is no regulation of them. Kate Vlasovskaya has purchased a fake “service dog” ID card for her King Charles spaniel, Lila and says not only is it becoming popular but she doesn’t really worry about being caught because it’s too much of a hassle to verify.

“You’d have to go through all of these links or get someone on the line,” said Vlasovskaya. “With all that effort, they will probably just let you in.”

Not only are these New Yorkers taking advantage of the system, people who have legitimate service dogs say the fake service dogs are causing issues.

“People don’t realize that if the dog misbehaves in any way – if it isn’t clean, barks or is overly friendly and jumps on people – that it aggravates other dogs and disrupts the way they do service,” said Toni Eames, the president of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.


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20 thoughts on “People Using Fake Service Dog Tags”

  1. Personally I would rather have dogs or cats sitting next to me at a coffee house or restaurant than many of the adults or children that I have been exposed to in these locations. I think it is sad that people will get the fake certificates or tags, and it needs to be regulated. I do know legit service dogs including a seizure dog and he is a just a tiny mini sheltie. He is extremely well behaved, and what is shocking is people come into her business and get all bent out of shape because there is a dog there. They think it is dirty, or a disturbance but then the same individuals will not hesitate to bring in a screaming snotty nosed kid in public, who is tearing up the place and disturbing everyone. Or be sitting in a location and will not stop talking on the cell phone so that everyone know’s their business.

  2. I used to have a certified and trained service dog and would take her with me to places. However, people who owned/worked in the stores would be cruel to me, kick me out etc, even when I showed them all my paperwork and what the law says. I finally quit taking her anywhere with me due to the abuse.

    So to hear these people pretending their pets are service dogs is absolutely disgusting to me. This is going to backfire on those disabled people who have legitimate certificated/trained service dogs.

    • So sorry this has happen to you. Do not give up. FIGHT! The abusers are disgusting people in this earth.

      Do not give up. You have the rights to take your service dog anywhere.
      Do not give up.

    • @Janeeta “used to have a certified & trained service dog”……”showed them all my paperwork & what the law says”. Sounds like you are NOT DISABLED or have a well documented disability that a service dog could help mitigate. Also you said “‘going to backfire on those disabled people who have legitimate ‘certified’ (that WORD again)/trained service dogs”. “Those” of us that use service dogs don’t refer to “those disabled people”. We refer to ourselves in the first person-generally. We don’t STOP using our vital dog because someone was abusive or didn’t know the law. We are polite and help to educate folks that aren’t aware of the ADA laws. We are not looking for a fight or to sue someone for not knowing the laws…we just want to live as normal a life as possible.

  3. What is humiliating is that people who use fake dog service tags to gain access is completely WRONG in the first place

    and secondly, you made it worst for people who does have legitimate certification trained service dogs to gain access what best for their life.

    DO NOT jeopardize their rights, because of your laziness irresponsibly of your dogs.

  4. I have a certified therapy dog . Makes me mad that anyone can attain these tags & vests. My dog has been properly trained but does not have access to all areas like a service dog. By the rules of therapy dog they are not allowed to wear a vest as not to be mistaken as a service dog. We have spent lots of money & time training our dog. Ticks me off in crowds with others with their dogs on flexi leashes & let them run up to people @ other dogs , then say “Oh my dog doesn’t like other dogs” then keep them away from mine, my dog did not invade your space, yours did. We have another dog that is not certified so if we are doing any kind of therapy visits she cannot go along. By being a certified therapy dog our organization provides insurance while our dog is visiting. Protects us & her from any incendents. Amazing how so many claim to love their dogs buy do not vaccinate them. After visits we have to sterilize our dog, especially feet as to spread germs. There is a lot more to it than just walking around with a tag, this needs to be stopped!

  5. I would say to anyone, whether it’s an invisible disability or an obvious one, because regardless we still have trouble. Yes I do have a guide dog. But people still have an issue, now to the person who doesn’t bring their service dog with them anymore, you’re just giving the public more of a reason to walk all over us. My point is, the more you give them a chance to do that, the more confident they will be about walking all over and miss treating disabled people and it will just make them more arrogant and more proud of what they do. As someone pointed out, we are not out to sue people, but if it has to go that far then I know I will Do it if necessary. The farthest, and I hope I do not jinx it it has ever gone, was just threatening to bring somebody to court and that shut them up. But some people really want to step all over you and treat you like crap and really push your buttons, so I do not know your situation but just don’t let people do that to you. It only Makes their stupid stereotypes that they made about us seem more true to them. We are vulnerable, we are all mentally incompetent and so on and so forth. So if someone tells you know and you have a service dog Then challenge their stupidity. Believe it or not, there are so many people who want to talk the talk but never walk the walk, that’s why I said sometimes if you just threaten to bring somebody to court that’s usually enough to shut them up. If they let you win one day and then after you leave the tell you the next time you come back you can’t bring your dog, then they Better be prepared for some legal issues.


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