Petition Against Devocalization Seeks More Signatures

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Two women who adopted dogs debarked by former owners have joined together as advocates trying to ban the procedure after witnessing what it had done to their own pets.

Sue Perry and Karen Mahmud are asking for more signatures on their petition asking the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) to alter its position and stand firm against devocalization (otherwise known as debarking) surgery for dogs and cats. As of this writing, the petition has 134,957 signatures and is looking for 115,043 more.

Perry and Mahmud joined the Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets, which helped ban the procedure in Massachusetts. Currently, Massachusetts is the only US state with a full and outright ban in place. In September of this year, Governor Brown of California signed a bill prohibiting landlords from forcing tenants to devocalize their pets. The petition to the AVMA represents the other part of a two pronged approach to stop the practice.

Those interested in adding their signatures can access the Petitioning American Veterinary Medical Association, Tell Veterinarians: Devocalization is Mutilation! petition HERE.

In the video below, the petition organizers introduce viewers to their dogs, adopted after they’d had the procedure.

56 thoughts on “Petition Against Devocalization Seeks More Signatures”

  1. Yeah Kim, you’re such a terrible person for standing up for animals who would otherwise be sent to shelters or dog pounds and euthanized for driving their neighbors insane with incessant barking while their person is at work all day. I hate people like you that are for giving that dog another option to stay with their person getting fed and loved everyday. You’re a horrible human being.

    • Kim, we know that is you posting as anonymous to back yourself up. Now quit trolling. You’ve advocated both devocalization and anti-bark collars. You’ve been given advice on training dogs/finding trainers to do what you say you can’t and then later on you claimed to be a dog trainer… even though no dog trainer would every use or need an anti-bark collar. You even went to the made up excuse of “new legislation” for having a dog devocalized. You’re just stirring up trouble because you are so pathetic that you have NOTHING better to do. You find it funny that you can irritate, annoy, and upset others… but honey the joke is on you… the joke IS you.

      • Skim Vegan, your comment is just so spot on I found a reason to smile in the middle of the insanity this needy, pathetic, misinformed, cruel, and yes, STUPID woman has created. Thank you for blowing her anonymous cover. Nobody in their right mind would EVER be convinced cutting up your dog to keep it quiet is a good thing. Under ANY circumstance.

  2. i have a italian greyhound that can not bark he is a rescue of sorts,he was left at a kennel where i leave my whippet and the people there asked me if i wanted him.u don’t know much about him except he was purchased on line for a show dog then left in a cage when he was unable to be shown because of an overbite. he can not bark normal but her does try.i have always thought dearking was wrong,dogs are supposed to bark it’s there job.

  3. Please stop this cruel act of devocalizing dogs in puppy mills. The pain that these animals endure from this inhumane act is unbelievable. The depend on people to take care of them, they were supposed to be mans best friend.


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