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Pets Seized from Man Who Planned to Kill Them Before Rapture


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Sonoma County animal control officials were forced to confiscate the pets of a California man who wanted to euthanize his animals before the rapture to keep them from suffering after judgment.

The man first disclosed his plans when he visited his vet requesting medication to euthanize his pets before the rapture. When animal control was notified they visited Tinker at his home, where he reiterated his desire to kill his animals so that they were not left to fend for themselves. Believing him serious, authorities were forced to remove the animals form his home.

Amy Cooper, director of Sonoma county animal control, said there would be no charge for boarding Tinker’s pets until the big day passed. “I think we’ll let tomorrow pass. The shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday and we’ll also be in contact with Mr. Tinker and if on Sunday or Monday he feels he’d like to have his pets back, the staff can be in contact with me and we’ll make that happen.”