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Pets to Celebrate Halloween This Year According to Survey Results

by Adrea

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Yes, the time of year has come that pet owners either dream of or despise…Halloween.  While there are many who simply do not understand the desire or fun in dressing up a pet, for those who do enjoy it, the market is rife with possibilities to explore in finding the perfect ensemble for this season.
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To that end, Petco has just released a survey that says 59% of pet parents will celebrate Halloween with their pets this year, up 9% over 2015, 27% of which shared this will be their first time having their pets join in the festivities.
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According to their poll, many of the human participants believes it is an ideal way to demonstrate the bond they have with their furry friends.  83% of respondents said they were going the head-to-tail route with costuming with 65% looking forward to giving their pets Halloween-themed treats and toys.  And, as seems to happen year-after-year, there are more opportunities to find those goodies, costumes, and events at locations such as in Petco’s “Bootique,” Amazon’s just-launched Pet Halloween Costumes Store, PetSmart, Spirit Halloween, and Party City, to name but a few.
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If you will be celebrating Halloween with your pet, be sure to look first and foremost at their safety. Costumes that have been created specifically for pets often take into account special considerations, but you always want to make sure whatever they wear is both comfortable and practical.  Adorable will only go so far if the costume is a miss for your pet.
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