Pit Bull Recovering After Being Shot by Virginia Police

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9.23.14 - Pit Bull Recovering After Being Shot by Virginia Police

On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, my nephew puppy King was shot by Fairfax County Police during an arrest. The dog was inside when the suspect surrendered himself to the police.  The door was then left open by the officers, allowing King to wander into the street.

He was barking at all the commotion, not aggressively going towards any of the officers or the K-9 unit dogs. The suspect pleaded with the officers over and over to let him put the dog inside, but they refused. Not a single officer tried to grab the dog or let him back into the house.

The officer chose to fire his weapon through his right nasal passage, through his hard palate and tongue, exiting through his neck. Witnesses stated that the year-old pit bull was doing nothing wrong, simply walking around in the road and police shot him.

King is currently being treated in an emergency hospital receiving blood transfusion and in the need of surgery to stop the bleeding. Any little donation would help! Please share King’s story.  The police brutality against not only bully breeds, but canines in general, has got to stop. Justice needs to be served and the police need to be punished just as any other civilian would be. Just because you are the law, does not mean that this is okay.

Please help King in his hour of need.  This senseless violence toward our canine family members has to stop.  We need more people to stand up and demand that the phrase “To protect and serve” covers EVERYONE, dogs included.  If you would like to help King get the medical care he needs, please CLICK HERE.


0 thoughts on “Pit Bull Recovering After Being Shot by Virginia Police”

  1. The officer and police department should be financially responsible for the act of violence the inflicted on this puppy

  2. So sick of cops with little di***s getting their jollys shooting dogs. I hope this cop is held accountable for his actions. He should be made to pay the dogs’s medical bills and lose his job.

  3. Cops putting citizens in their place by showing us how tough they are shooting dogs, it is making people hate them and they don’t seem to realize it. I wouldn’t spit on a cop if it burst into flames in front of me.

  4. Another sociopathic bully parading around in a police uniform shooting a dog. Stop me if we have heard this before. It’s getting out of hand. People in power need to step up and make these menaces responsible for their actions. This officer should resign or get fired in the least. Even better, this punk should be prosecuted.

  5. Donna if you read the story again you’ll see the police left the door open allowing him to escape and the owner asked to be allowed to put the dog back in but was refused. No matter what though there was no need for it, it’s abuse of power! Hope King gets better xx


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