Police Officer Comes to the Rescue of Abandoned Dog in Labor

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puppysWhen Police Officer Jennifer Bloom drove by a local park in Newark, California, she was surprised by what she found. A German Shepherd had been abandoned and tied to a park bench. Officer Bloom soon realized the abandoned dog was in labor.

Officer Bloom pulled up to a park and spotted the German Shepherd in obvious distress. Bloom had never encountered a dog giving labor, but did what she could to help.

“You know we go through training on how to help a woman deliver a baby,” said Officer Bloom. “But we never had to deal with puppies.”

Bloom carefully helped the dog into her car and drove her to the Central Veterinary Hospital.

“I heard some puppies screaming in the back and I knew she was actively giving birth to more as I was driving over there,” said Bloom.

Bloom and the German Shepherd finally made It to the hospital they were able to get the dog the help she needed. In total nine puppies were born, though two did not survive. The mother, which the hospital has named Bristol, is doing well and taking great care of her puppies.

“She’s been a great mom. She had a rough time…a really rough time,” said veterinary Technician Elizabeth Jardine-Pereira.

Police are investigating the incident as an animal cruelty case. Bristol did not have a microchip or any tags. If no one comes forward to claim her she, along with her puppies, will be available for adoption soon.

12 thoughts on “Police Officer Comes to the Rescue of Abandoned Dog in Labor”

  1. german shepards are police dogs of choice maybe they should adopt the puppies and turn them into police dogs

  2. I strongly believe that if god wouldn’t punish us for doing the same thing to the animals who hurt there pets should be treated the same way they treat there pets or the ones they abuse because they are really animals and should be in hell , I have four babys and all te strays who will come close enough to vist and eat what I put out for them. and I think pet stores should not be allowed to sale dogs or cats , go to the rescue shelters and adopt a pet, there are thousand killed ever year because we don’t do our home work . designer animals for the public its crazy out there, id like to have one of the german shepard puppies for my self, but I have a big rescue dog I have had for 9 years and she is my big hair shedding all over at the moment , big baby .she was so tramatized by her other owned she is terrified of men but she will still go to them nearly crawling to the one who hurt her , I know he lives next door. and is a real nice guy who lost his temper one day and did the ultimate terror job on her and I got him off her. telling him id call the police with phone in hand I was dialing the the number. she is my pride and joy , and my biggest baby to big to live indoors but she is still in my house , I take care of her and she gives me comfort of just being there. my sweet girl..


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