Police Report to Wrong Address, Shoot Friendly Dog

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An Austin, TX dog owner said he was playing Frisbee in his yard with his dog when a police officer arrived, drew his weapon and told him to freeze. When the friendly dog approached the officer to greet him, the policeman took aim and shot him dead. Now a  Facebook page created by Michael Paxton is gaining fans at a blistering pace as those opposed to the shooting assemble online  to protest the incident. Paxton says he created Justice for Cisco for the sake of awareness: the dog lover says no one should ever have face the same circumstances.


A spokesman for the Austin Police Department has confirmed that an officer responded to the 2600 block of East 5th Street Saturday at 4:42 p.m. The call came from Paxton’s neighbor after a man and his girlfriend were heard fighting.

Unfortunately,  the officer accidentally responded to the wrong address. Paxton said he clearly told the officer that his dog would not hurt him, but the officer ignored him and fired anyway. Cisco went down and never got back up.

The APD acknowledges that the case is under review. Until that review takes place, the officer who shot Cisco, Officer Thomas Griffin, remains on duty. That’s not going over well with dog lovers who would prefer to see him suspended pending the outcome of the review: in a press conference Monday, an APD spokesperson said the department has been flooded with hate calls.

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  1. It isn’t just Austin that’s messed up. It’s everywhere in the US because we have a culture that worships violence. The kinds of subhumans drawn to police work are the kinds of subhumans who just.can’t.wait.to.kill. Kill something – ANYTHING. You ever hear of bloodlust??? Today’s law enforcement indulges itself in this sick twisted psychosis. And the biggest problem of all? There are absolutely no consequences for the murdering pseudo-officers. There is NO “serve and protect” as civilians would understand that phrase supposedly invented to illustrate what cops do – there is only self-serving (feed that bloodlust in any way possible) and the “protect” part is better understood as “CYA” so that the taxpayers will continue to support those who just.can’t.wait.to.kill. Kill something. Kill ANYTHING. Oh – yeah – that CYA part? Goes something like this (over and over again so many times it’s becoming a cliche): “oopsie!! gee golly wrong address and besides I was in danger of my life from this tailwagging [whatever] chiweenie/lab/golden/poodle/newfie (insert your fav breed and you won’t miss any of these – almost all the breeds have been subject to cop predation).

    There is a website which documents the endless killing of dogs by cops in situations just like this one. If you want to be truly shocked (and terrified, because yes it CAN happen to the most innocent person, innocent pet) go read that website if you can stand to do so.

    There is no remorse, and there are no plans in any police agency in the US to do anything about it. On the off chance that any of these cases go to court there has been only one in literally thousands of cases where the cop’s employer was required to pay for the injuries to the dog. Oddly, that case was in Texas.

    I have a relative who was a cop (now retired) and a close friend formerly married to one. Both cops say that there is no way they would even consider being a part of the kinds of police forces in operation today. “Too violent.” “Thugs with badges.” “Arrogant cocky —[expletive deleted].” “Not the kind of people I would ever want on my team – as soon shoot someone as look at them.”

    FYI the trigger happiness is not limited to dogs. Just take a look at how many homeless, mentally ill, minors, and elderly have been subjected to the same murderous shooting sprees.

    • What a ridiculously asinine, ignorant comment. This is a sad, terrible situation, why do you feel the need to spew your over the top, inaccurate trash. Neither dogs or people are being shot in by every cop, in every town, every day, which is what would be happening if you were even remotely close to being accurate.
      You are not helping this situation and stupid comments like this aren’t helpful in the long run either.


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