Police rescue a puppy found buried alive

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Police officers in Williston, Florida were disposing of evidence per a court order on Thursday when they heard a whimpering noise coming from underground. Officers located the origin of the whimpering and dug out a one-week-old puppy that was head-first in an eight-inch hole.

Luckily the dirt had not been packed down and the puppy managed to create an air pocket below the surface. Williston Police Chief Dennis Strow said, “It did not appear to me that the dog was very long in the hole, less than an hour would be my guess.”

The puppy is so young he can’t even open his eyes yet, because of this the clinic believes him to be around 7-days-old. Caretakers at Levy Animal Clinic have been bottle-feeding the puppy that they have named Tucker. One of the veterinarian technicians at the clinic has already adopted Tucker.

Officer Strow checked in on Tucker the morning after they found him and is pleased to report that Tucker is doing well. He is still disturbed by the find though, “What’s disturbing is that when you look at this fellow you ask, how can he be threatening to anyone?”

The police are still looking for the person who buried Tucker and Strow is determined to find them. “Somebody knows who did this. I guarantee we’re going to follow this one and prosecute whoever did this to the fullest extent of the law,” said Strow. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Williston Police Department at (352)528-4991.

18 thoughts on “Police rescue a puppy found buried alive”

    • So true. These monsters don’t pay enough. They just figure they got away with something terrible but fun for them. Unfortunately, puppies are seldom born as a single. My question is WHERE IS THE REST of the litter, and THE MOTHER. From the looks of that pup there could be possibly up to nine other pups. The individual responsible needs to pay for all the lives he took, not just one. I’m surprised that the police officer didn’t look for the litter mates or the mother. They were probably buried in the same area.

  1. What’s wrong with people? Who would do this? Breaks my heart. This puppy looks a lot like my dog did as a puppy. He is the best dog ever. So glad he is adopted now. If he wasn’t I would 🙂 I do hope they find this person that did this and if they don’t…karma will.

  2. Keeping you in my prayers sweet baby, hope they find the SOB, and bury him in a hole. Someone must know something, someone will churp.

  3. With violent crime on the rise every day, I’m sure it’s hard to justify time spent, looking for a puppy abuser, almost murderer. But, the abuse always seem to start this way. First with small animals, then with larger animals – then with small children, adults and older adults. Please do whatever it takes to find this person/persons and prosecute them to the fullest. It makes me sick to think that our human race can stoop to the level it does, everyday, abusing animals, children. So happy Tucker has a chance for a happy life. I’m sure the abuser did not intend for this outcome to take place. What a despicable piece of humanity that did this, and I’m being very nice here.


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