Police save Dog Found Hanged and Arrest Abusers

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On May 29, 2014, police officers from Linares, Spain, saved the life of an innocent dog that almost died at the hands of two animal abusers. The criminals planned to hang the innocent animal from a mining shaft.

The dog was saved thanks to local residents who contacted authorities when they noticed something out of the ordinary close to the mining shaft. The area is accessible on foot or bicycle, but on that day, there was a car parked nearby.

When authorities received the phone call, two police officers patrolling the area were dispatched to the location. When they arrived, they found two 30-years-old men watching the animal suffer, while this was tied by its neck with rope and dangled from the top of the shaft.

Stray dog saved by Linares police officers.
Stray dog saved by Linares police officers.


Immediately the officers rescued the pet and arrested the animal abusers.

The canine was rushed to a local vet clinic where it received emergency care. The abusers were taken to a police station, they were booked and charged with various counts of animal abuse.

The dog is expected to make a full recovery and he will be released to local rescue group Arconatura. The organization will care for the pet, cover all medical expenses and ensure the dog finds a loving forever home.

The abusers, will have to answer for the crime they committed.


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