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Police Searching for Clues in Abandonment Case

by Fred

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11.26.14 - Police Searching for Clues in Abandonment Case


New York City Police are searching for clues that will hopefully lead to the arrest of whomever is responsible for tying and leaving a dog to a street sign in the Bronx.  As if abandonment wasn’t enough, the individual that’s responsible for doing this also had his muzzle wrapped so tightly it was cutting off circulation.

In an interview with a witness wishing to only be identified as Alice, she said, “We called the cops. He was bleeding. I never expected someone to be that cruel to an animal.”

Alice managed to get video of the officers assisting in getting the way too tight muzzle off of the dog’s face, while another woman calling herself Shawnee tried to talk to the dog in an effort to keep him as calm as possible while the police were helping the dog out of the restraints.

“You’re a good dog.  You’re so good.  You’re a good boy,” she said to the dog.

“He was so sweet. He was so loving. He wasn’t like, angry about what was happening to him. He just wanted relief,” said Shawnee.

Relief it would seem wasn’t going to be the easiest thing to give to the dog.  The muzzle was on the dog so tightly that even though they tried some of the tools they had on them to get the dog’s nose and mouth free, it wasn’t happening.  They needed something sharper to cut him free, but also something that would have the least possibility to injure the dog further.

It did take a while, but the police eventually freed the dog, and you could see the relief in his face.

Shawnee wanted to make sure that people actually see the video.  She believes it’s important to show people how even though this particular breed of dog has a negative reputation, it showed no signs of aggressive behavior towards the officers helping him out at all.

“We ended up naming him “Trooper”. That was our prayer that people will see what happened to him, and they will get the help for him,” said Shawnee.

The dog was taken to a vet for a full medical work-up, and the search is now on for a good forever home for Trooper.  Hopefully, police will be able to identify the person/people that are responsible for the terrible mistreatment of this dog.


Please be advised, some people may find the video linked to this story disturbing.