Puppy Plays with Stuffed Toy

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Not all pups are willing to play with stuffed animals without shredding them to pieces, but this puppy just loves to gently play with his stuffed toy.

28 thoughts on “Puppy Plays with Stuffed Toy”

  1. So so cute! But if you have a destructive pup, do not get stuffed toys. My boss almost lost his Doxie due to a ball of stuffing and cloth that had blocked his whole intestines and stomach.
    I always buy my tiny girls unstuffed toys, just in case. Sometimes if a toy is really cute I will buy it and open it up and take the stuffing out and stitch it back up before I give it to them.
    If the pup is not destructive then this is all moot of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. we have a 7-8 yr old male GSD who has one stuffed animal that he plays with and sleeps with, though a few holes have been repaired, it’s not from his wanting to tear it apart. He has a few others but shows no interest in them, he likes the outdoor toys better Funny though he also knows who gave him “Hedgy”, me vs husband. Though it was really Santa.

  3. My pup is 4 years old & loves her stuffed animals. There have only been 3 that have come loose at the seams from her tossing them around. A few stitches & they are good as new! And I’m lucky because she has never destroyed anything, not even shoes that I have left out of the closet.


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