Quick-Thinking Police Officers Heroically Save the Life of a Hanging Dog

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7.12.16 - Police Save Hanging Dog2


Last week, two officers from the Arkansas City Police Department in Kansas were responding to a call about a shoplifter at a Wal-Mart when they were alerted to a dog that had hanged himself by his leash when he jumped out a parked truck’s window.  Thanks to their quick actions, they saved the unconscious dog using CPR.

On Friday, July 8th, Sergeant Jason Legleiter and Officer Wade Hammond had just secured a shoplifter in the back of their patrol car when a Wal-Mart employee rushed over to tell them that a dog was suspended by his leash, which was attached to something inside a truck.


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The officers saw that the dog was completely still and appeared to be dead, so they immediately jumped right into action.

“Legleiter was quick to think on his feet and used his patrol duty knife to cut the dog down in an instant,” reads the department’s Facebook post of the event.  “Officer Hammond began tending to the dog’s care as the dog lay on the ground and was unresponsive.”

Hammond removed the dog’s collar and began “applying pressure intermittently” to his side.  After several very tense minutes, the dog came back to life.  Before long, he was even standing on his own.


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“There is absolutely no doubt that Sergeant Legleiter’s and Officer Hammond’s quick response and care saved this dog’s life,” ACPD said.  “Photographs attached [from body cams] demonstrate the gravity of the situation and show in contrast what their actions did to prevent a tragic accident.”

While the dog’s owner at least did not leave him in the truck with the windows (mostly) closed, it is always advisable to leave pets at home while running errands, especially in the summer.  Even when parked in the shade, with the windows open, or with the car running, dogs can die.  Shade and open windows are not sufficient cooling methods, and inside temperatures can skyrocket to over 100 degrees in minutes.  A car left running can be stolen, and if it’s on an automatic starter, it can shut off after a specific time or malfunction.


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42 thoughts on “Quick-Thinking Police Officers Heroically Save the Life of a Hanging Dog”

  1. I love people like this!!! Way to be so wonderful and help all lives around you!! That poor cute pup I am so happy he was saved. Thank you police office for being amazing! We need more like you in this world!

  2. What a moronic Walmart employee: he didn’t know how to free this poor dog on his own? What if the police were not there ?

  3. We are ridiculously judgmental.
    First, nowhere in the article does it mention the temperature at the time of the incident. I looked it up and according to weather underground the mean temp that day in that area was 80 degrees. Shade, wind, and other aspects would factor in as to whether it was too hot to leave the dog in the car, but you judgmental types seem to think it must have been too hot. Secondly, many comments are about leaving the dog at home. This might have been 1 stop of a long road trip, or picking up or taking the dog somewhere specific. Don’t allow the fear mongering to keep you from doing absolutely anything that comes with any type of risk whatsoever because of the “safety first” and “it’s worth it if it saves one life” garbage. I like to take my dog places, we make stops along the way and he stays in the car. Water and windows down or car and A/C on. Is there risk? Yes. There is also risk in leaving him home. But if he were to get taken, I would have to weigh all of the fun adventures we went on versus the small percentage of him getting taken. I am not the same as the petrified public apparently.
    Did the owner make a mistake? Yes. As we all have, yet we are all so quick to judge another’s mistake because it is different than our own. I promise you have done something just as dumb and likely dumber that may not have resulted in the worst case scenario. Just because this dog owner made a mistake that almost resulted in the WCS, don’t think you are any better.
    Many people want the police involved in every scenario, every error punished to the fullest extent of the law and it is ridiculous. There is a time and place for punishment. I am an animal lover, but I’m also a freedom lover. I don’t want myself, my dog or kids bubble wrapped for safety. Punish the abusers, those that seek out to destroy, not the lovers that make a simple mistake. If anything happened to my dog I assure you nobody would be more distraught than I. I also know many of you would think I was an “imbecile” (that seems to be the most common word I saw in the comments) that should never own an animal again while I clean toilets for the rest of my life. Those comments are more ignorant than the dog owner’s mistake.

  4. This officer understands that ALL LIVES matters, whether human or animal. The problem with human is when the officer tells you to do something. Do it or you are just asking for trouble. If he tells you to put your hands up. Do it, don’t be an idiot! If he tell you to put the gun down. You damn well put it down or he is going to shot you and he not gonna shot you in the foot either. He is gonna put it through your heart or your brain. Most of these problems would be solved if you use your COMMON SENSE!

    Everybody said it is the black people causing the problem. In my town of Fort Wayne IN, we have been having shooting almost every night. It is all gang-related. It not just blacks, it is Blacks, Mexicans, a few Foreigners, and some Whites. I don’t know whether it is turf wars or drug-related or both. Most of the dead have been teens lately

    All I know it is all STUPID!


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