Rescue Pit Bull Finds Racing Buddy in Deer

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6.5.14 - Pit Bull Finds Racing Buddy in Deer

A rescue pit bull named Zeke has found himself a running partner – a deer!  Zeke normally prefers cuddling and snoozing to exercising, but now has a reason to get off the couch and go for a run.

This is a quote from Margaret Wray, the woman who uploaded the video:

“That deer came back a couple of times in the following days but they didn’t do as many laps. It’s the only deer we’ve ever seen play with him and I think she has moved on. This day, they had completed several runs before I realized I had my cell phone in my hand. Zeke is a recent rescue dog and loves to watch the wildlife wander through the backyard. He’s a love bug, a couch potato and that’s the most we have ever seen him move!”








24 thoughts on “Rescue Pit Bull Finds Racing Buddy in Deer”

  1. Pits need constant love and affection my pit gets it all day every day and he loves everyone.When he see a stranger hes ready to be patted he wants love from every one we’ve loved him into a wuss.

  2. That dog is playing, to all those negative comments if he was in ‘attack mode’ he wouldn’t take his eyes off the deer, but he does because when they are running he is ahead of the deer looking forward, no dog who was being aggressive would ever do that. They are playing!

  3. Hahaha, my St. Francis would the same thing. We lived in a wooded area and the deer always came into the yard. Benny would do laps with the 2 deer then after total exhaustion they’d lay down on the grass together. Neighbors would come to our door and tell us that our dog was trying to kill the deer and we should keep our dog on a chain. If he wanted to kill the deer then why would they drink together from the water bowl? Once he even caught a chipmunk, all he did was carry it around in his mouth put it between his feet and bark at it. After the chippy wouldn’t do anything our dog left it alone the chippy scampered off up a tree.


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