Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

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4.10.15 - Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep in Caregivers Arms1


Guardians of Rescue saves dogs every day from horrific lives where they are tethered in the cold, hoarded, or forced to fight.  One of their newest charges, Fudge, was found wandering in someone’s yard.  While he was being treated at the veterinarian for bite wounds, he became so relaxed that he began snoring in his caretaker’s arms!

Fudge is seen wearing a muzzle because he was in so much pain that rescuers worried that he might bite out of fear and pain.  But he was a very good boy.

This post comes from GoR:

Dog fighting is real. It happens all over the world and here in beautiful Suffolk County, NY we are NOT immune to that.

We have named our newest rescue Fudge. His personality is too sweet.


4.10.15 - Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep in Caregivers Arms3


Fudge’s body is dotted a hundred times over in old scars and new puncture wounds. He has clearly been used for fighting or as a bait dog. His life has only been filled with pain. Today that changes.

We are so thankful we received this call. Instead of ignoring the furry heap that laid in her yard, a concerned citizen called us. Because of that, Fudge’s life has been saved.

He has a long road to recovery ahead of him. Each of his legs have been shredded and left untreated resulting in infection and pain. He has a bite wound straight through his lip. His adrenaline has worn out and Fudge has melted into the sweetest, calmest little patient any vet would hope for. Fudge is giving up his life of fighting and is so grateful to his rescuers for this new chance. He’s a good boy. The simplest of things.

Fudge needs a foster home that can treat his wounds. He is being monitored by a vet for now but will need calm and understanding as he heals from his horrific life.


4.10.15 - Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep in Caregivers Arms2


Thank you Bed and Biscuit for always stepping up to offer our rescued dogs a safe and loving place to lay their head at night.

If you are on Long Island and can foster this sweet boy, you can become a hero today. Step up for Fudge to prove to him that his only remaining fight in life is for a spot on the couch.

Please email us at [email protected]

If you’d like to donate, please CLICK HERE.


FUDGEThis isn’t Fudge growling, this is him SNORING! He was so exhausted after his ordeal that once his adrenaline…

Posted by Guardians of Rescue on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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  1. I recently was talking to a policeman at a dog park who says that dog-fighting is really popular in Las Vegas as well. What kind of monsters do this? What kind of monsters watch this shit? Why aren’t they getting harsher prison time. My dog got a ticket for licking someone over my fence, but dog fighters just roam the streets dumping bait dogs into trash cans, etc. What is wrong with the world today?

    • I agree. People that participate in dog fighting are monsters. Why on earth would they think that is a sport. Watch football or something, that is a sport. They should be thrown in a pen with the poor dogs they abuse, or has been mentioned thown from a car. It breaks my heart to see stories about animals being abused. It is ridiculous that someone would get a fine for a dog licking someone. Why would someone complain about that? Stupid people.

    • Completely agree with your comments. More Prison time will only delay continued practices of the guilty, in large part. Not changing the subject, but the evil ones Thank the AFLCIO for the prisons not able to put the evil ones to work on “chain gangs,” which could restore many public services as opposed to our ever increasing taxes. This could include the “working evil ones” in our effort to minimize the dog fighting network.

  2. any body that can mistreat any animal is a human monster,
    I shudder to think what they would do to any one of us

    • I’d LOVE to see what they WOULD do to me…well, what they would “try” to do. See, you and me would fight back, which is why these scumbags are the lowest of the low, using otherwise loving dogs for their sick pleasures.

  3. We animal lovers have got to be a voice to these beautiful animals…. the judges are just giving out a slap on the hand….. judges need to make sure these scumbags get jail time and MAKE THEM PAY$$$$$$ TO the animal they harmed (vet bills)… and to the rescue group that saved their dog….. also make sure they do NOT get another animal for at least 5 years….

  4. If you know of someone involved in dog fighting, you probably realize that pleas and sweet reason wont dissuade them. But perhaps a little personal pain might….. just sayin’.


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