Search on for those responsible for beating a dog with a hammer

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An investigation is under way in Jacksonville, Florida on the abuse of a pit bull mix named Flo. On Friday morning Flo was found with severe head injuries. She was brought to the Jacksonville Humane Society where they performed emergency surgery to save her life.

Flo’s injuries were very serious. The front of Flo’s skull had been crushed, several of her teeth knocked out and she had a long gash on her back. “There did not appear to be any damage to the brain, but there were metal fragments around the wound, leading doctors to believe it was a hammer. To create that large a hole in the skull and the cracks emanating from it took a lot of force,” said Denise Deisler, Executive Director of the Jacksonville Humane Society. Metal fragments were also found on Flo’s teeth, many of which had been fractured. There were also scars on Flo’s body suggesting she had suffered previous beatings and abuses.

Flo spent almost three hours in surgery. Nine pins were placed in her skull to hold it together. Flo is recovering well and throughout her whole ordeal has been sweet and gentle. Now the focus is on getting Flo fully recovered and finding those responsible for this abuse. The Humane Society is asking people to help fund Flo’s recovery through the Bo Needs Help Facebook page. The page was set up by the Jacksonville Humane Society back in June when they saved another dog, named Bo,  who was found badly abused. Bo is now fully recovered and with new owners. The Jacksonville Humane Society is hoping for a similar happy ending for Flo.

An investigation is under way to determine who is responsible. “We want to know who did this and we want them off the street and not able to do it again,” said Deisler. Anyone with information about Flo’s abuse is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

12 thoughts on “Search on for those responsible for beating a dog with a hammer”

  1. You know…sometimes I just do not know what to say. We live in a brutal universe. The Native Americans of the Eastern and Western tribes hold a belief that when the Great Spirit called out to the animal kingdom and asked the animals “who
    ” would stand beside man and help him in his journey, only the wolf (dog’s wild ancestor) came forth to stand beside man and help him in this world. To lash out with violence and torture against a helpless animal that will give you unconditional love is something beyond my comprehension. This is more sadistically evil. The people or person that did this, did it because they enjoy inflicting pain and suffering. If they wanted to kill the dog there are more efficient, quick, and painless ways to do it without causing suffering to the animal…these people/person did not want that. They wanted to inflict pain and suffering on a helpless and defenseless animal. These animals look to us to feed them, take them to the vet when they are sick, play with them, give them a nice butt or head scratch, and give them some form of shelter from the elements…this is not to much to ask. There is nothing that this dog could have done to deserve this kind of treatment. Some people might say that the dog might have become violent to it’s owner…well if the dog has attacked a human and injured them severely then take the dog and have it put down humanely…you don’t bash its skull in with a hammer. If the dog attacked its owner…and that is a big “if”…the owner must also be questioned as to why the dog reacted violently…maybe the dog has been abused by the owner in the past. In any case, the most likely scenario, is that the owner of the dog should not be allowed to care for living things because the person or people in question are sick, yes…sick in the head. To treat another living thing this way shows an anti-nurturing behavior and I would hope that most people would agree that sadistically evil anti-nurturing behavior has no place in this world. I am not talking about removing this person or persons from society for a short time to atone for a crime, I am talking about removing this mental trait permanently from the universe…true consequences for behavior and choices…not some slap on the wrist, because I would not want to live anywhere close to someone who could do this type of thing and I am sure I am not the only one.

  2. OMG! How can a person who is suppose to have a heart do such a thing….this world is such an ugly ugly place because of bastards like this one. That poor poor baby…to go thru all that pain. Thank God she’s saved and will hopefully get the loving deserving home she deserves.

  3. Poor Baby. Flo, you are a beautiful girl and sure did not deserve this. I hope once you heal, you find a very special forever home where you will be cherished, loved and spoiled. I also hope those that did this to you are found and given the same treatment. They don’t deserve even that good.


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