Senior Dog Left Homeless Because Family Remodeled

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A family in Kentucky decided that now that they have remodeled their home, the dog they had for ten years no longer fits in the picture.  Now, Lexus is at the Franklin County Humane Society shelter, and left looking for a home for the holidays.

According to the shelter’s Facebook post, Lexus lived with her family the entire ten years of her life.  In the Facebook picture, she looks confused and terrified by her new surroundings.

Lexus has been with other dogs before and does well as an only dog, or in a small group.  She’s also excellent with children, and is reported to have a very laid back personality.

Lexus is a senior dog, but that doesn’t mean is in’t amazing.  Could she be the dog addition to your family that you’re looking for?  To find out more you can visit the shelter’s Facebook page by clicking here, or visiting their main page by clicking here.  If you live in the immediate area, you can call 502-875-7297 for more information.


Lexus was surrendered to the shelter after being in the same home for 10 years. Unfortunately, her owner…

Posted by Franklin County KY Humane Society on Friday, November 27, 2015


1,476 thoughts on “Senior Dog Left Homeless Because Family Remodeled”

  1. The owner, ( not dog parents since he treats his dog like an object) may he be left alone when he ages out and finds comfort in an old age home with no friends or family to visit him.

  2. Some people should NOT have house plants much less pets!! I only wish their NAMES were posted/published as well–they should be publicly shamed for doing this!

  3. These people are the epitome of HEARTLESS SCUM. I hope that the rest of their lives (adults) are filled with pure HELL..

  4. These people are the top of the heap for selfishness. This dog must have given them tons of unconditional love & what do they do to her? Throw her away like bad ketchup. Now with the remodeling their house is too “PRETTY” for a dog. I hope she finds a super wonderful home. Wish I could adopt all of the lonely & abused pets out there.

  5. ”would they give their kids away if they no longer “fit” in their lifestyle. Hope they never get another animal. Poor thing.

  6. My mom “surrendered” our pit bull, Luke, when she found out she was pregnant with my little sister. Of course, you could almost say that it was for his own good (well, if she hadn’t given him to a high kill shelter that had deliberately been established next to the city landfill for easy carcass disposal).

    Giving up a dog that has been with you for several years to people who will treat him or her like literal trash is disgusting in any case. To do so out of sheer vanity, as did Lexus’ former owners, is beyond deplorable.

    Of course, how do you expect people to behave when legislative diction and law enforcement jargon still imply that animals such as Lexus aren’t even living things? What incentive is there for people to take responsibility for their pets, when said pets are given the same legal protections as a box of old photos? Incidents such as these are societal problems as much as personal problems.

  7. I hope when those “owners” become senior adults, there is no one who will care for them. They have no conscience, and they obviously never loved their dog.


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