Sportmix Dog Food Reviews

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Whenever you are looking for the best dog food for your pet, there is no doubt that you will try as much as possible to go for something that is not only formulated for great taste but also has balanced nutrition and comes with optimum digestibility. That is exactly what Sportmix dog food promise to deliver.

Sportmix dog food is yet another line of dog food manufactured by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. This company has an outstanding history of delivering high-quality dog foods that adhere to the right mix of vitamins and minerals to provide your hound with everything he/she needs to grow healthily and thrive even if he/she is a very active dog.

Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. has a long list of foods that they produce specifically for dogs. Finding the right one (even if you manage to sift through every other brand that’s available out there and land on Sportmix dog food) requires some research and insight. Thankfully, this Sportmix dog food review will give you some guidance as to which Sportmix dog food is best for your particular dog.

A Small History of Sportmix Dog Food

The company that manufactures Sportmix dog food, Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. was founded in 1926 and hails out of Evansville, Indiana. This particular brand of dog food, Sportmix dog food, is sold throughout the U.S as well as in about 65 other countries worldwide. That should give you a rough idea of just how popular the formulas used in this food is with dog lovers the world over.

Sportmix dog food prides itself in providing the perfect balance of fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins to ensure that your dog develops strong muscles, healthy skin and good bones.

Unlike some major dog food brands, Sportmix dog food has never had a recall, which goes to show the level of care with which these foods are produced and handled all the way from the factory to your dog’s bowl.

If you think that this is the kind of food you want to feed your beloved pet, then read on and see our review of a few excellent Sportmix dog food options for different types, size, and breed of dogs.

Sportmix Wholesomes Large Breed

As the name suggests, Sportmix Wholesomes Large Breed is designed for big dogs that weigh over 60 pounds. This particular mix contains chicken meal and rice formula that provides your hound with high-quality proteins and minerals within the meal. This meal is fortified with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine which are excellent substances that ensure your dog has healthy joints. That is particularly important for larger breed dogs that tend to hurt their limbs as they carry those heavy bodies around when they play or run in the park.


The Sportmix Wholesomes Large Breed doesn’t contain any common grains such as wheat, corn or soybeans which goes a long way in ensuring that your pet gets a balanced diet for the kind of active life that they lead.

Additionally, this Sportmix Wholesomes Large Breed formula nutritionally balances a good mix of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids that ensure your dog has healthy skin and a glossy coat, so he/she always looks radiant and healthy.


  • It’s fortified with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine to ensure that your dog has healthy joints
  • It doesn’t contain common grains like corn, soybeans or wheat nor any low-protein meats
  • Since it’s made out of a naturally preserved formula, this meal is delicious and highly palatable for most large dogs
  • It contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which ensure that your dog looks as good on the outside as he/she feels on the inside when they eat this meal


  • May not be suitable for dogs under 60 pounds

If you are looking for something that will ensure your dog is as content and as healthy on the outside as he/she is on the inside, then this is the meal to get.

Sportmix Bite Size

The Sportmix Bite Size meal was specifically designed for tiny dogs with big bowls of energy. If you have a small breed dog that simply can’t still and needs a whole lot of fuel to power that small turbo, then the Sportmix Bite Size Dry Dog Food is the answer to your questions.


This is a unique formula that was specially designed to give you small breed dog a balanced diet for a healthy life. Not only is the meal meant to be delicious to your pet but it’s also tailored to promote strong bones and healthy muscles in particularly active dogs that need it. This meal is made for high-quality ingredients and is fortified with essential minerals and vitamins to provide your tiny hound with the best possible nutrition.


  • Designed to promote strong muscles and healthy bones in active dogs
  • Contains all the necessary high-quality ingredients and minerals to ensure that your active dog has everything he/she needs to keep moving
  • It is fortified with essential minerals and vitamins for an extra boost of health and energy
  • Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that ensure your tiny but active dog has a healthy and shiny coat


  • Might be too much for dogs that are not very active

This is the perfect food for your active little furry friend.

Sportmix Wholesomes Fish Meal and Rice

This meal has a single protein source that is designed to support your dog’s immune system as well as digestion. The Sportmix Wholesome Fish Meal and Rice has no common grains such as corn, soybeans or wheat but contains a healthy serving of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that are not only excellent for your dog’s general health but also his/her skin and coat. It also has natural vegetable fibers that support digestive health.



  • Specifically designed to support your dog’s immune system
  • It contains premium menhaden fish meal which provides the high-quality protein in this meal which lowers any chances of allergic reactions in your dog
  • The omega-3 and omega-6 promote healthy skin and coat in your dog


  • Might not be the best for dogs that have issues with fish

In keeping with their illustrious history of providing dog lovers with the best dog food, Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. has delivered yet again with this line of dog food.