Sugar Ray Fights the Odds

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Last weekend the Portage County, OH dog warden responded to a caller’s tip and discovered a severely malnourished boxer abandoned near the  Mogadore Reservoir.  

The frightened and traumatized dog was taken to the Portage Animal Protective League for treatment, where the vet who checked him out nicknamed him Sugar Ray as a testament to his fighting spirit. At check in Sugar Ray only weighed 26 pounds, a shockingly low figure for a breed that averages 55 to 60 pounds. “It’s a super nice dog. It just needs some love,” dog warden DaveMcIntyre said.

By all accounts, Sugar Ray is lucky to still be alive, and an investigation is now underway to determine the cause of his suffering. “This is either a horrendous example of abandonment or, if not, a lost dog that went unreported and remained lost for weeks,” said Karen Carmany, board president for the Portage APL.

The Portage APL said Sugar Ray will need ongoing care for quite some time before going up for adoption. Anyone interested in donating to help with Sugar Ray’s care and medical bills can call the shelter at (330) 296-4022. Donations can also be made online here.

To donate by mail:

Portage APL
P.O. Box 927
Ravenna, OH 44266

147 thoughts on “Sugar Ray Fights the Odds”

  1. What is it with people starving so many dogs lately? :”-( I would think that if YOU eat, so can your companion.

    • U got that right..i just dont understand it either…my dogs eat every day whether i do or not…they always got food and i do without on things…whats that tell ya….I LOVE MY DOGS and CATS….

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. It costs me more to feed my dog and 3 cats then it does to feed myself. I would go without before they do.

          • Definitely!! My dogs eat better than my husband and I do! Salmon and Sweet Potato dog food, salmon, broccoli, carrots and green beans!! They are some happy girls and we all feel so horrible to hear about all of these starvations lately…it is just terrible and heart wrenching. Has there always been this many and now they are just more publicized?

    • When I see something like this, I can’t believe we are human beings. I can’t believe that one human would do that to another. Shame on us!!

  2. There are so many of these dogs. I send prayers for them all. I just can’t understand why people do this to helpless, defenseless animals. All the animals want is to love and be loved.


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