Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested with a Little Help from His Dog

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10.30.14 - Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested with a Little Help from His Dog

Alabama police were in the home of a suspected meth dealer executing a search warrant on the property.  It turns out that the drug dealer’s dog was the one that ended up blowing him in to authorities.

When the Prattville Drug Enforcement Unit entered the home which is about ten miles outside of Montgomery.  The property was occupied by Edward Melvin Henderson, and when the cops arrived, Henderson bolted out the back and down a ravine, and kept going.

Waiting near the ravine was Henderson’s dog, Bo.  Bo is part pit bull and part husky.  An officer pointed to the suspect and told the dog, “Go get him!”  That’s exactly what Bo did.

“Bo without hesitation went down the ravine, trailed by two Drug Enforcement Investigators,” said the Prattville police in a statement.

Even though investigators had lost Henderson when he entered some woods not far from the property, all was not lost.  When they emerged from the woods they say Bo, standing by some tall grass and wagging his tail.  His own dog brought him down.

“Bo was rewarded with dog biscuits from our K-9 sergeant,” said the report.

Henderson was brought into custody without further incident.  When they search was over, police found large quantities for meth and equipment used to make it.  Henderson is charged with failure to obey police, two counts of first-degree unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance, second-degree unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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  1. Good doggy! I’m pleased he’s been taken away from that poisonous place. Hope the moron meth dealer is banned from ever owning anything that is alive, animal or plant. In fact he should be stripped of all his human rights for both drug dealing and subjecting a beautiful animal to his toxic environment. People like him can be damn lucky I don’t run the world!!

    • I read that the pd have no idea who is caring for Bo. I sure hope that he is safe. He doesn’t deserve to not be cared for because his owner was a pathetic person. He is awesome and I don’t understand how the officers could just walk away and not check out Bo’s situation prior to leaving him on the property. I pray that was not the case.


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