Best Dog Food for Small Breeds

[supsystic-price-table id=8]   Best Dog Food for Small Breeds Every breed has its own needs. Some breeds thrive on higher protein and lower fats. Others need lots of energy and need extra carbohydrates. Whether you require food for adult dogs or looking for puppy food, many of the large breed and small breed dogs have …

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Pro Pac


Pro Pac is a family-owned business that produces dog and cat food. They are in their fourth generation of operation and are manufactured under Midwestern Pet Food INC. Pro Pac operates out of four different facilities throughout the Midwest and northeast: Monmouth, Illinois; Evansville, Indiana; Chickasha, Oklahoma; and Waverly, New York. The brand is passionate …

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Ear Infections in Dogs

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Ear Infections in Dogs Ear infections in dogs are pretty common. Often, the way your dog’s ears lie will determine how often they get ear infections. Dogs with ears that lie flat (or floppy ears) will have more moisture in their ears, along with a warmer environment, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Other dogs …

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Doggy Diarrhea

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Doggy Diarrhea Diarrhea. It is one of the most unpleasant bodily discharges to deal with. It is often a sign that your dog is sick, has eaten something it shouldn’t have, or it could be a sign of a more serious condition. Regardless of the cause, it should never be taken lightly. It is critical …

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Dog Seizures

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Dog Seizures Just like humans, dogs—and even cats—can suffer from seizures and may require veterinary care. A seizure is a sudden eruption of electrical activity in the brain. Seizures, such as cluster seizures, grand mal seizures, and non-epileptic seizures, generally occur in a single part of the brain. The symptoms or activity during the seizure …

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