River was saved from drowning by a good Samaritan. Now she plans to adopt him.

NJ Police are searching for the person believed to have left River to drown, trapped in a wire cage as the tide came in. He is now safe and sound.

Abandoned Philly Dog Named for Rocky’s Fighting Spirit After Being Left to Die

Sly was 50 pounds underweight and had an intestinal blockage when humane officers found him. Now on the road to recovery, his case is being investigated.

Police Found Chance Tied To A Tree & Abandoned, Now One Of Them Is Adopting Him!

On April 2, Chance was homeless, abandoned behind a Pizza Hut. Now he’ll have forever home with one of the officers who helped rescue him.

Abandoned! Cops Find Crated Dog Roadside with Food, Toys & Blanket

Police suspect whoever left this dog out in the cold may have been trying to do the right thing. He is now in the care of a rescue organization.

A Mother’s Love: Injured Dog Leads Rescuers For Miles to Find Her Pups!

Combine the awesome power of a dog’s love with that of a mother’s love and you’ve got a force that can overcome just about anything.