Homeless Poodle Brings Rescuer to Tears With Her Reaction to Being Rescued

“Back in early August, we were asked to rescue Lulu and Lala from a terrible situation… When we saw their tragic pictures neglect, we of course said yes.”

Puppy Mill Cocker Spaniel Rescue is Undergoes Remarkable Transformation

Joel was lucky, saved by National Dog Mill Rescue. Horribly neglected, he is but one example of the many animals that are products of the puppy mill system.

Antonia’s Amazing Transformation: From Chicago Dumpster to Pure Joy

Found behind a southside Chicago dumpster, Antonia, covered with maggots, still managed to wag when her belly was scratched…but you should see her today!

Stray Dog With Four-Pound Growth on Neck is Rescued and Given Life-Saving Surgery

This poor stray was found wandering around with a giant growth on her neck. See her rescue and transformation right here!