Second Graders Surprised With a Visit From the Puppy They Helped Save

Each student received a personalized thank you card from Ryker, signed with a paw print.

“Mean,” Abused Dog Rescued by Paramedics Is Now One of the Crew

“We have a bedroom for our crew for overnight,” said Ivan. “The dogs totally kick the crew out of the bedroom — it’s like the dog room. They rule the station.”

UPDATE:  Dog Whose Leg Was Shattered by a Bullet Reunited With Officer Who Saved His Life

“This will be the first time that Officer Tammy will be reunited with Jack… If Tammy hadn’t put Jack in her squad car he would never have made it.”

Badly Injured Double-Amputee Gets His Happily Ever After

“He is very comfortable with his new home… He shows his gratitude with many doggie kisses. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to adopt Edward!”