Violet Nearly Died From Injuries Caused By Human Hair Dye

Violet’s rescuers didn’t know if she’d survive the night when she came into the shelter badly burned, but her story has a happy ending! Warning: graphic images.

Graphic Images Spark Firestorm, SC Man Charged with Cruelty

Markevious Simpson, 23, has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty and giving false information to police.

She Was Shot & Left For Dead on the Roadside. Vets Want Answers & Justice.

Vets and Humane Society workers in Ohio are angry over this senseless act of violence. Trinity will lose her leg to the injury, but should otherwise recover.

Animal Torture & Neglect Charges Filed Against Dog Rescue Director

An Iowa woman is facing serious, multiple charges following an animal neglect case wherein rescuers took in 19 animals, saving them from horrendous conditions.

New York Legislators Are Pushing for a Harsher Animal Abuse Law

“The Senate has passed Kirby and Quigley’s Law three times and now it’s time for the Assembly to bring justice to the Krohn family and to Kirby and Quigley.”