Street Dog Trapped in a Barrel of Tar Is Saved!

1.31.17 Street Dog Trapped in a Barrel of Tar Is Saved6

The poor girl had been without water for so long that she happily guzzled down bowl after bowl during the painstaking, several hours-long process of removing the tar.

Puppy Whose Head Was Split from Ear to Ear Completely Defies the Odds and Recovers

12.16.16 Miracle Puppy Whose Head Was Split Survives5

After eight weeks, the gash healed, and Cubby’s gratitude for his improvement shone through like a beacon on a foggy night.

Sick Stray Dog Millie Is Rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited

11.8.16 AAU dogFEAT

Millie was rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited, and just in the nick of time, too! An infection almost claimed her life, but AAU was able to save her.

Dog May Have Had His Legs Crushed by a Train, but Not His Spirit!

7.5.16 AAUFeat

The incredible transformation that this dog undergoes is something that you MUST see with your own eyes to believe!