Dog’s Neck Pierced With Hook, Tow Chain in Detroit. They Named Him “Courage.”

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Though he endured conditions rescuers described as “horrific,” Courage is on his way to recovery. An investigation is underway to determine who is responsible.

PUPDATE! Woman Who Abandoned Dog With Giant Tumor Banned From Owning Pets


In addition, Sherri Haughton will attend an animal cruelty program, serve 56 hours of community service and pay back more than $7,000 for Henry’s medical care.

Graphic Images Spark Firestorm, SC Man Charged with Cruelty


Markevious Simpson, 23, has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty and giving false information to police.

She Was Shot & Left For Dead on the Roadside. Vets Want Answers & Justice.

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Vets and Humane Society workers in Ohio are angry over this senseless act of violence. Trinity will lose her leg to the injury, but should otherwise recover.

Woman Charged With Cruelty After Throwing Puppy From Moving Car

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In the far-too-crowded news header of “people being monsters,” a 26-year-old woman was arrested Sunday after tossing a puppy from a moving vehicle.