Dog Living in an Abandoned Apartment by Herself for a Week Could Not Be Happier to Be Adopted

“She has no concept of a leash or a collar. She is scared, timid, nervous and shy. I’ve been showering her with affection. She has to be touching me at all times…”

Dog Finally Surrendered as a Direct Result of Social Media Posting of Animal Cruelty

A video posting on social media, after multiple attempts for police intervention, showing the alleged animal cruelty finally results in the surrender of dog.

Dog Cruelly Painted Pink and Abandoned in the Streets Has Been Rescued

Local media has reported the police are now searching for those who are responsible. The perpetrators may face animal cruelty charges once located.

From Emaciated and Scared to Healthy and Confident, Tilly is a Survivor

Using a scale with 1 being a healthy animal to 5 being placing it in dire condition. The Inspector rated Tilly at a 5+, her situation so critical.