Dog Saved from Fighting Pits Can’t Stop Laying on the Kisses to His Rescuer

“Fighting dogs are not bred to be human aggressive,” said Flatt. “People mistake that all the time. They’re amazing for their resiliency. As much as they may sometimes hurt another animal, they want to please a human twice as much.”

Man Arrested and Facing Slew of Charges after Killing Neighbor’s Dog

“She’s been there for me when my husband’s been deployed,” she said. “She was my emotional support animal. Now I have nothing. It’s insane, you don’t know who your neighbors are. It’s scary.”

More Dogs Removed from Convicted Animal Abuser’s Home

Lawrence and the staff with animal control did say that the dogs didn’t have any scarring or outwards signs of being in a fighting ring, and they are very hopeful that all of the dogs can be rehabilitated.

Man Wanted in Christmas Day Dog Abuse Case Arrested

“I’m proud of the efforts put forth by Detective Jillian Ashley and Detective Cpl. Al Bush,” said Michigan City Police Chief Mark Swistek.