Chihuahua Puppy Dumped at Kill Shelter With Her Bed Cries Herself to Sleep Every Night

If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever family she rightfully deserves, please contact the Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Man Will Live in Shelter Kennel Until All of Its Animals Have Been Adopted

Rémi Gaillard will be livestreaming his experience of living in a cage until 300 shelter animals are adopted or €50,000 is raised on their behalf.

Police Make Video of Officers Rescuing an Elderly Dog from a Hot Car

“We know that dog owners love their pets, and aren’t intentionally trying to harm them, but people must know that temperatures inside the car can soar to scorching heights within minutes,” said the police department via Facebook.

Arizona Shelter Holds “Pit-In” to Get Adoptions

“I thought of a sit-in and I’m like, I’m gonna have a ‘pit-in’ and told my boss my plan that I wanted to pitch a tent in the play yard and sleep there until Lizzy got adopted.”