“Happy” Ending for Former Bait Dog in Alabama

She was next in line to be sacrificed, but rescuers stepped in just in time. Now she and two other dogs have beautiful new lives in loving homes.

One-Eared Former Bait Dog Sent Dozens of Headbands for Christmas

Abigail needed to keep her wound protected while it healed, and she loved wearing the headbands volunteers made for her.

Former Bait Dog Can’t Give Kisses, But Still Loves in the Best Way He Knows How

“This precious boy holds no grudges and seems to know that he is safe. We are hand feeding him and are amazed at how he has learned to drink with no tongue.”

NFL Player Takes a Public Stand Against Dog Fighting

“Dog fights: it’s not a sport. It’s animal cruelty, plain and simple,” Wright said. “These dogs need a voice, they need someone to stand up for them.”