Quebec City’s Decision to Ban Pit Bulls Sparks Adorable but Poignant Protests

Quebec City in Canada is enacting breed specific legislation against pit bulls, and a lot of its citizens are not happy about it at all.

DIGGY CAN STAY! Charges Dropped Against the Smiling Dog Who Broke the Internet!

Though Diggy’s “happy ever after” was in jeopardy for awhile, the courts have at last ruled that he can stay with his new forever family.

UPDATE:  Dog Sentenced to Die Without So Much as a Family Goodbye Is Now HOME!

“Without the help we had from the public and the media we believe Hank would be dead by now. We want to help other people who are facing the situation as us.”

Family Not Even Allowed to Say Goodbye to Innocent Dog Sentenced to Death

“Eight police officers and four dog wardens showed up to take Hank away. I can’t fathom why anyone would report him… He’s extremely affectionate.”