Dog Who Lived on a Chain for 6 Years Without Shelter Can’t Stop Sniffing Her Way Through Life

3.31.17 Dog Chained for 6 Years Without Shelter Can’t Stop Sniffing10

“She is now very interested to see everything around her, but she is MOST interested in sniffing,” Norica said. <3

Stud Dog Forced to Live on a Short Chain in a Garage Now Has Grass Tickling His Toes

2.9.17 Titos Rescue GoR8

“Tito already looks like a different dog! The grime of the past bathed off, infected ears have been treated, sores on his body are healing, he is putting on weight.”

Dog Chained Outside for 15 YEARS Is Finally Free!

1.24.17 Dog Who Spent 15 Years on a Chain Is Free4

In addition to helping outside dogs, the Guardians also do everything they can for outdoor kitties and homeless veterans who cannot go to shelters because they have pets.