Philly Cops Bust Dog Fight In Progress; Four Dogs Rescued, 14 People Arrested

Four dogs are now in the custody of the PSPCA, receiving treatment after being rescued from an active dog-fighting ring in South Philadelphia.

“Happy” Ending for Former Bait Dog in Alabama

She was next in line to be sacrificed, but rescuers stepped in just in time. Now she and two other dogs have beautiful new lives in loving homes.

Chained, Starving Pitties Rescued From Dog Fighting Farm in GA

Thirty animals, including adult dogs and puppies, were rescued by animal control officers when police executed a warrant in Meriwether County, Georgia.

Pit Bull Pup Proves Pizza Power Propulsion

Meet Finn, one of the 367 survivors of a horrid dog fighting ring rescue, in August 2013, now living with his forever family and pizza!