How a Rescued Greyhound Became a Foster Mom to Over 50 Animals

7.31.17 Jasmine5

Jasmine’s closest friend was a fawn called Bramble. They were nearly inseparable until Bramble was rehabilitated enough to be released back into the wild. <3

Dog Buried Under Pounds of Matted Fur Undergoes an INCREDIBLE Transformation

7.26.17 TAFs Matted Dog Ellen2

Because of Trio Animal Foundation, Ellen is healthy and loved today. Her happiness makes our hearts smile! <3

The Epic Instagram Saga of Hank and His Hippo BFF Will Have You ROFL

7.27.17 Hank and His Hippo BFF Will Have You ROFL4

Everything was going well till one morning staff found Hippo nearly decapitated, with stuffing everywhere. Did Hank really have it in him to kill his best friend? <3