Ray’s adorable smile is what got him adopted. And now other dogs are reaping the benefit, too!

Say cheese! That’s a winning smile if ever there was….

#Hilarious: Hambone Dog Wants to Take A Selfie!

A 2016 study found that 55% of all millennials post selfies, while only 24% of Gen Xers and 9% of Boomers are selfie-takers. We’re betting Nelly’s a millennial.

Ever Gotten “The Look?”

  Sometimes it is a look of guilt.  An appeal for leniency.  Or maybe they are showing you their displeasure at you telling them “no” (again). Whatever the reason, those looks bring about our own emotional responses. Laughter. Head shaking with the obligatory sigh of resignation. An “awwwwwww,” that makes us melt. Dogs seem to …

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Between Two Dogs: New Book Captures Unique Moments

Photographer Shaina Fishman captured a picture early in her career, a bulldog puppy biting an adult’s ear, that became the inspiration for “Between Two Dogs,” her latest work.