Help for the Underdogs! South Side Street Dogs Looking for Support in Opening Safehouse

We lose sleep over these dogs for their safety. Sometimes they do end up hurt- shot or hit by a car. We cry, thinking “if we had only had a place to put him!”

Puppy Clinging to Life After Being Found Nearly Frozen to Death

“I’ve never seen a puppy recover after being that cold,” said Jessica Hansen. “I thought she was going to pass away in our arms on the drive to Winnipeg.”

Strangled Dog Rescued from the Streets of Iran Given a Name That Means Courageous

Named Delavar, hundreds of people simply passed the injured dog by on the streets, until rescuers from Sezar Sanctuary were able to capture and get him help.

From Emaciated and Scared to Healthy and Confident, Tilly is a Survivor

Using a scale with 1 being a healthy animal to 5 being placing it in dire condition. The Inspector rated Tilly at a 5+, her situation so critical.

South Side Street Dogs: T-Shirts With a Purpose

South Side Street Dogs do their good work in Houston’s most dangerous neighborhoods rescuing with dogs that roam the area, hungry, injured, and scared.