Sweet Senior Dog Recovering After Gunshot Wound to the Face

Who the H…?!?! The cruelty of this act notwithstanding, vets have been amazed by Polo’s amazing recovery from such heinous injuries.

The Day That Zeke Became A Hero

Harrisburg Police Sgt. Tyron Meik thought he was going to lose his partner back in March of 2013, but Zeke survived, and the two are more bonded than ever.

Wounded Dog, Missing For A Year, Finds His Way Home to Family

Tank went missing from the Millers backyard more than a year ago. Then they saw their beloved boy on the evening news….

She Was Shot & Left For Dead on the Roadside. Vets Want Answers & Justice.

Vets and Humane Society workers in Ohio are angry over this senseless act of violence. Trinity will lose her leg to the injury, but should otherwise recover.