APDT 2011 Conference: Get Your Learning On in Sunny San Diego

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This dog trainer got her learning on, at the APDT 2011 Catch The Wave Conference in sunny feel good San Diego. For this East Coast dog trainer, CA was the trip of a lifetime, a trip of many firsts, including a first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

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Look Like You’re Leaving

Appropriate human body language

Now why is my husband standing there like he is about ready to walk off? Well, this is a key human behavior I teach in my classes, to help dogs learn successful recalls.

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Good Golly: Gulping and Gobbling


More like pounding: Talley`s jaw dropping approach to ravishing a food dish of its`kibble contents, bits flinging in all directions. At six years old she continues to eat (and I say that lightly) every meal as if it were her last.

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Doggy Dirt Bike Etiquette: Please!

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Of all people, I comprehend the need for speed, that feeling of freedom, the oh so liberating rush of air past one`s face.

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