PUPDATE! Woman Who Abandoned Dog With Giant Tumor Banned From Owning Pets


In addition, Sherri Haughton will attend an animal cruelty program, serve 56 hours of community service and pay back more than $7,000 for Henry’s medical care.

Charlie’s Last Day: Officer Helps Fulfill Family’s Final Wish For Their Dog


Charlie’s family wanted her last day to be one of her best. Then fate stepped in and made it even more special than they expected.

PUPDATE! Former Owner of Dog with 45-Pound Tumor Arrested

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Henry’s former owner, Sherri Haughton, 52, was arrested after failing to appear to face multiple charges of animal cruelty.

URGENT: Jack the Evac Blue Cut Fire Rescue Needs Your Help

Jack the EvacB

The dog jumped in the opened car door immediately. When she saw his eye, in spite of the evacuation, she knew she had to get this sweet dog to a vet right away