Man Exonerated After 38 Years Reunites With The Pup He Raised In Prison

Malcolm Alexander was wrongfully imprisoned for nearly four decades. While incarcerated, he promised his puppy, named Innocence, that one day, they’d be free.

Pooches in the Pen: Former Jail Now An Animal Shelter Where Inmates Care For Dogs

Inmates here help damaged dogs heal, preparing them for happy, new lives. Many would say the dogs return the favor.

The Transformative Power of Dogs in Prison Programs and the Men They Help

“Sit, Niko, sit,” commanded Rodriguez, my neighbor. His eyes went wide. “Hey, look, mine knows how to sit!

Pit Bulls Behind Bars: In This Case, A Good Thing!

Only a year ago, the four pit bulls in the van might have faced their final needle at the hands of Detroit Animal Control, but the city-run shelter is making genuine efforts to work with rescues. But since the replacement of its former director, and a host of improved partnerships, hundreds of dogs (nearly eight …

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