Senior Abandoned in Field With Note: “Sorry … But I Don’t Need A Dog.”

No dog should have to be re-homed at the ripe old age of 12, but when it does happen, this is NOT how to go about things…. <3

David Bark-ham?! U.K. Rescue Dog Has Mad Soccer Skills!

When the Simpkins family brought Alfie home from the Dogs Trust charity – the UK’s largest dog welfare charity – they knew he was something special. They just didn’t know how special, however, until they unleashed him on the field with a football. This quickly earned him the nickname “Ronaldog” (after Real Madrid star Cristiano …

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Dubsmash for Dogs! New App A Trendy Twist for Dog Lovers

Our dogs speak to us in so many ways. Generally however, the power of human speech eludes them. A new app, however, can give them this gift – if only for entertainment purposes. With Doggy Dub, users can choose from a selection of cute doggie videos and do fun dubsmash-style voice-overs, scripting hilarious bits in …

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