BREAKING NEWS: China Has BANNED Dog Meat from the Yulin Festival!

5.18.17 China to Ban Dog Meat at Yulin2

“We hope this will have a domino effect, leading to the collapse of the dog meat trade… Yulin and the rest of the country are changing for the better.” <3

Though He Was Brutally Attacked, This Dog Amazingly Still Just Wants to Love People

1.18.17 Dog Attacked With an Axe Found Playing With Kids3

“Milo was found playing with kids in a rural area of Alabama when he was picked up by animal control,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said.

Abused Mom and Daughter Who Had to Give Up Dog Get Her Back for Christmas

12.23.16 Abused Family Who Couldnt Keep Dog Get Her Back for Christmas6

You are definitely going to be reaching for the tissues when you see this beautiful reunion video. Happy tears!