European Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo Steps In to Help 80 Dogs at Portuguese Shelter

“I want to thank Ronaldo from the bottom of my heart. It’s a simple gesture, but very important,” said Liliana Santos, a worker at the shelter.

Dallas Cowboy Buys Entire Table of Food to Help Shelter Dogs

Children idolize footballers for their athletic prowess, so it’s fantastic when their heroes do good deeds that make them truly worthy of such veneration.

Abused Mom and Daughter Who Had to Give Up Dog Get Her Back for Christmas

You are definitely going to be reaching for the tissues when you see this beautiful reunion video. Happy tears!

Step Up USA Makes and Donates 100 Beds to Dog Shelter

“There was like 100 people here. Kids and adults, and teens. It was awesome! We’ve done a lot of things this year, but this is probably one of my favorites for sure.”

Mystery Benefactor Leaves $8,000 in Animal Shelter’s Donation Box

They offer free adoptions for active military members and veterans who are in need of emotional support animals, and rely on donations to keep this program going.