The Internet Is Rallying to Help Hector Get a Face-Lift to Save His Sight

“Shar-Pei are bred to have these wrinkly faces, but in Hector’s case the folds are rubbing on his eyes and if not fixed he will go blind.”

Sixty Dogs Surrendered to the Broome Humane Society Are Looking for New Homes

“We’re not sure why some people would keep so many dogs; loneliness, maybe,” Matson said. “Some people might prefer animals over people — I don’t know.”

Dog Saved from Fighting Pits Can’t Stop Laying on the Kisses to His Rescuer

“Fighting dogs are not bred to be human aggressive,” said Flatt. “People mistake that all the time. They’re amazing for their resiliency. As much as they may sometimes hurt another animal, they want to please a human twice as much.”