Dog Finds Family Cat TWO MONTHS After the House Fire That Nearly Killed Them Both

Since finding Ringer, Chloe seems to be resolved not to let anything else happen to him on her watch. Who knows – maybe she would make a wonderful search dog! <3

Heroic Passersby Save Literal Skin-and-Bone Dog Who Jumped Out of a Window

Several people gathered below the window and stretched out a blanket to catch him in case he fell, and to everyone’s horror, he did. <3

PLEASE HELP!!! Hundreds of People Passed this Poor Dog by on the Street and He NEEDS Our Help

Please help us share and spread Bobby’s story. He was overlooked by so many people, and barely clings to life. Without us, he may not make it!

Police Officer Arrested for Dumping His Emaciated Dog in a Trash Bag

“There was a search warrant that we executed in a very short period of time and we discovered a sheet that matched the sheet that was recovered from Cranberry.”