Alabama Animal Shelter Makes Desperate Plea for Adoptions Due to Overcrowding

9.23.16 Huntsville Shelter5

ATTENTION ALABAMA READERS! The Huntsville Shelter is facing serious overcrowding, and needs to adopt out or foster 20-30 dogs over the next two days!

Willow Walks! Rescue Group Saves Pregnant Stray From Potential Euthanization

image 3

It’s a case of “they said, they said” regarding whether this mama was slated for the needle, but in the end, she & her pups are on the road to forever homes.

Arizona Shuts Down Greyhound Racing

5.16.16 Arizona Puts an End to Greyhound Racing1

“Tucson Greyhound Park has been the end of the line for so many dogs… kennel operators [need to] do the right thing and adopt out the animals under their care and not send them out to farms, blood banks or auction them as hunting bait.”