PLEASE HELP: Quincy Was Neglected, Then Tossed Out on the Streets to Die

Poor Quincy was in the hands of some very cruel people that should never have had a dog in the first place. Please consider helping if you can!

Kimbo Wants to Prove to You That Pit Bulls ARE NOT Scary

Kimbo is a big boy that’s full of love, and just wants to prove that there isn’t anything to be scared of when it comes to big dogs!

Tallulah’s Holiday Wish Is to End Her Five-Year Stay at a Texas Shelter

Please consider adopting Tallulah if you are looking to adopt a dog this holiday season, and help to make a beautiful girl’s Christmas dreams come true.

The Internet Is Rallying to Help Hector Get a Face-Lift to Save His Sight

“Shar-Pei are bred to have these wrinkly faces, but in Hector’s case the folds are rubbing on his eyes and if not fixed he will go blind.”