Woman Writes the Most Touching Letter to the Elderly Lady Who Had to Give Up Her Beloved Dog

“I knew right then she was it… I am just happy that I was able to give Pepper a good home and at the same time fix a piece of my mom’s broken heart.” <3

She Nearly Died In Failed Labor, Now Her Former Owner Is Wanted By Police

With deceased puppies in her belly, April suffered in failed labor for days before her owner brought her to animal control, claiming she had “found” the dog. <3

The Look on This Dog’s Face When She Realizes Her Family Is Not Coming Back Will Crush Your Heart

Sadly, this is the fate millions of animals face every year when they are brought into shelters. Most will never leave alive, because no one will come for them. <3

Alexa Is FINALLY on the Mend from a Terrible Case of Mange, and the Hunt for a New Family Is at Hand

Our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day today is Alexa, and she comes to us from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

UPDATE: Dog Chained to a Concrete Block and Left to Drown Has Been Adopted!

“I have a 16-year-old lab, and I was thinking about getting another dog… I just thought I needed to get him,” John Pilburn said. “I fell right in love with him.” <3