The Look on This Dog’s Face When She Realizes Her Family Is Not Coming Back Will Crush Your Heart

Sadly, this is the fate millions of animals face every year when they are brought into shelters. Most will never leave alive, because no one will come for them. <3

This Woman Is Addicted to Bringing Home Pit Bulls!

“The hardest thing about fostering is being able to say goodbye, especially the cases where you can tell you are the first person who has ever shown them love.” <3

Mom Surprises Her Son by Adopting the Foster Dog He Fell in Love With

Amir read the adoption certificate, but it took a moment for the news to sink in. “Wait…. Wait, you adopted her?? YES!” he exclaimed. “Come her, my Mia.” <3

“Mean,” Abused Dog Rescued by Paramedics Is Now One of the Crew

“We have a bedroom for our crew for overnight,” said Ivan. “The dogs totally kick the crew out of the bedroom — it’s like the dog room. They rule the station.”

Puppy Abandoned on a Country Road in Winter Is the Cutest Little Monster His Family Could Love

“Our vet has said time and again, Capt. Jack is lucky to have us. Most other people would have given up and likely euthanized him.”